Copies of "Present Red Sox for Chirstmas 2007/New Year's 2008" can be obtained according to the following pricing scheme:

Single (1)                500 Yen (Or Equiv.)
Triple Play (3)           1000 Yen
Extra Inning(s) (10)    3000 Yen


Note:  Please order on the quick-side, for these copies are going like hotcakes....

As "hits" to a website/blog seem be a big deal these days, I am in the process of monitoring, via a VOLUNTEER SYSTEM, who visits each one of the three websites that make up the BWT. (Bill Ward Triad)

Here is how it works.

1) Each website of the BWT, this one,, and, have a GUESTBOOK, strickly for VOLUNTARY USE.

2) After you sign the guest book with EITHER your real name, or a screen-name of YOUR choice, then I will put you on a customized list of visitors.

3) The CUSTOMIZED part entails whether you have visited just one site, you have hit a double, or TRIPLE!

Really, quite simple as, 1) 2) 3).

I appreciate all the folks for their agreeing to join the GATHERING.

"We need a gathering instead"

Business is Business.
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A variety of wooden products are, at-long-last, available for your purchase, sorted into different categories.

Category 001 - Educational Products, Academic Accessories, QUAD-L Learning Goods.

Product Number:  WWKGP0001-OSK4cmWL      Description:  OSK 4 cm Wooden Letters, with 30 cm X 20 cm storage board.  Total pieces:  27.  26 letters (A-Z), plus storage board.

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